The G8 and the rest of us! — Part II

The slogan for the nationwide Caravan tour starting in Neuburg on May 19, 2007 „We are here because you destroy our countries“ might seem strange and even disturbing to some people. Such a statement coming from an African may also seem like an unfair jibe at western nations for percieved wrongs such as colonialism and slavery. There are some people, including Africans, who even argue that slavery and colonialism are old stories that should be forgotten. Of course in the heat and emotion of such a debate, it is usually forgotten that slavery and colonialism is still being implemented by the by the west under a more modern sounding name using the instrumentality of institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

For those who are still in doubt, please read these links from the foremost German magazine, Spiegel.