Nigerian Embassy as Deportation-Agency – Support Fax-Campaign!

The Nigerian embassy in Germany is actively supporting the deportation of Nigerian and other African refugees and migrants. They are doing embassy hearings for issuing traveling documents (TCs) which are needed to carry out deportations.
It has come to an extent that such embassy hearings with the Nigerian embassy are taking place every month, each time in another region and another city of Germany. The Nigerian embassy officials were in Munich in August 2007, in January 2008 they were in Halberstadt, in February they were in Dortmund and in March they were in Ludwigsburg.

The aim of the German authorities is clear: Accelerating massive deportation of Nigerian citizens! And not only of Nigerian citizens: Even people from other African countries, like Liberia, Togo or Sudan, are forced to attend these hearings, with the aim to deport them to Nigeria as well. It seems as if the Nigerian embassy has become a central agency for the deportation of African migrants and refugees!

Therefore, the Munich group of the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants calls for a campaign of massive pressure against the Nigerian embassy to stop them from carrying out this shameful deportation business.

Fax protest letter that you can sign and send to the Nigerian embassy in Berlin (if you can write your own protest letter, even better!):

Fax-Campaign Nigerian Embassy

Adress of the Nigerian embassy in Germany for protest:
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Neue Jakobstr. 4
10179 Berlin
Fax: +49-(030) 21230212

Article „The Nigerian Embassy as a
Deportation Agency“, written mainly for Nigerian internet fora and

Article: “The Nigerian Embassy as a Deportation Agency”

Report about Nigerian embassy hearing in March 2008 in Ludwigsburg by an activist of The Voice Refugee Forum/Baden Würtemberg:

Report Nigerian Embassy Hearing in Ludwigsburg / March 2008

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